Please contact our bookings/Inquiries officer as early as possible as we often have a 3 month wait time and don’t want you to miss out. We take dogs from 5 months old so please plan ahead and give us a call.

Become an Instructor

Have you ever considered becoming an Instructor? Instructing is one of the many ways you can help give back to the community and spread your passion and love for dog training. We offer great training and a supportive environment for you to learn the ropes – and you will meet lots of new people and lots of new dogs! Instructing is a fantastic way to learn more about dog behavior and dog training and is also a great way to improve your own training.

If your interested please see our President on Tuesday nights as we are always looking for more volunteers!

Cheaper Dog Registration

Did you know that if you train your dog in obedience with us, and pass a council exam, that you get half price dog registration in Toowoomba?

Dogs that have been obedience trained are less likely to cause a nuisance. Therefore in the spirit of rewarding responsible dog owners, council offers a 50% registration discount for dogs that have reached an appropriate level of obedience from certified dog training providers. To qualify for this discount you must demonstrate that the dog has achieved the level of competency required by council.