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The following list gives an idea of the type of items taught during dog obedience training at Toowoomba Dog Obedience Club. Every class is different though, as is every instructor, and we all move at different paces and like to use different exercises. You (and your dog) will find this training equally challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding, and as you progress through the classes together it is quite common for your bond with your best friend to grow as well.

Class One

Class one typically involves a lot of socialisation. We will also teach you the beginnings of heel work, and the commands sit, drop and stand. At this level you will start working on stay, recall and sit for a pat.

Class Two

Class Two is all about perfecting the techniques learned in class one. Extending the recall, staying in different positions (sitting, laying down and standing) and stand for a pat. Again there is a strong focus on socialisation in this level of training.

Class Three

Class Three concentrates more on making your dog steady. We introduce the figure 8 on lead, the 1 minuite sit stay and the 3 minuite down stay. We will also extend the recall, and begin the stand for exam.

Class Four

Class Four begins off lead work, which involves all of the skills taught in previous levels, but with no lead.

Class Five

Class Five involves more off lead work, with a greater number of distractions present, and at a greater distance. Many dogs in Class Five are also in training to participate in trials.

The last Tuesday of the month in Class Five is devoted to Rally O training, which teaches new tricks and techniques used to trial in this event.


If you are interested to learn more about the training offered here at Toowoomba Dog Obedience club, then feel free to contact us or just come down to observe one of our sessions.

Our Instructors

Darlene Tierney – Head Instructor

Keith McGinn

Cameron Russel

Jacob Schmidt

Lee Ann


Lisa Dix

Kristie Wheatley

Teagan Murray

Jack Lymbery

Virginia McMillan

Charlotte Bull

Karen Westwood – Trainee Instructor